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Regional Capacity Quota explained

On June 24th, Microsoft announced the new Regional Capacity Quota for ANF, that will go into effect on July 26th 2021.

This new (adjustable) quota applies to all provisioned ANF storage for the Azure subscription, across all service levels, in a specific region. Simply put, it will limit the amount of TiB you can provision at the capacity pool level.

The quota is enforced per region per subscription and is set as follows:

  1. new customers: 25 TiB
  2. existing customer with <= 20 TiB provisioned: 25 TiB
  3. existing customer with > 20 TiB provisioned: either +10% or +4 TiB to the current provisioned capacity (whichever is higher)

I’ll explain this in detail with some examples.

Example 1 (new customer)
Customer-A is a new ANF customer and decides to utilize ANF for Azure subscription-1 in West Europe and North Europe. The quota for West Europe is set to 25 TiB. The quota for North Europe is set to 25 TiB. Customer-A can provision 50 TiB across both regions combined.

If the customer decides to use an additional region (besides West Europe and North Europe), the quota for that new region is again set to 25 TiB.

If the customer decides to create a new subscription, subscription-2, the default quota of 25 TiB is applied to all regions. This means the customer could provision 50 TiB in West Europe across both subscriptions combined; 25 TiB for West Europe in subscription-01 and 25 TiB for West Europe in subscription-02.

Example 2 (existing customer)
Existing Customer-B currently has 12 TiB provisioned total across two NetApp accounts and 3 capacity pools in UK South. Since 12 TiB is smaller than 20 TiB (see item 2 above), the quota for UK South is set to 25 TiB.

Customer-B can still provision an additional 25-12=13 TiB in UK South, before reaching the quota.

Example 3 (existing customer)
Existing Customer-C currently has 60 TiB provisioned in UAE North. Since 60 TiB is greater than 20 TiB (see item 2 above), we apply 2 calculations; 60+10%=66 TiB and 60+4=64 TiB. Since 66 is greater than 64, the quota for UAE North will be set to 66 TiB.

Customer-C can still provision an additional 66-60=6 TiB in UAE North, before reaching the quota.

Example 4 (existing customer)
Existing Customer-D currently has 30 TiB provisioned capacity in West Europe only. Customer decides to expand into North Europe and requires 50 TiB there. The quota for the customer has been set to 34 TiB ( 30+4=34 > 30+10%=33). Customer can provision up to 34 TiB in North Europe, but will have to submit a quota increase request to get to 50 TiB. Once the request has been processed, customer can provision up to 50 TiB in any region.

Quota increase
The quota increase can be requested through support, ahead of time and without incurring any additional cost. For example, a customer who currently has 20 TiB provisioned capacity and has a large project coming up, can request a quota increase to 30 TiB. The quota increase is applied to all regions. Once the quota increase has been applied, the customer will still only pay for his current provisioned capacity (20 TiB), untill he actually provisions the additional 10 TiB, at which point he will be billed for 30 TiB.

Please note the current resource limits for Azure NetApp Files are not changing. You will still be able to provision a 500 TiB capacity pool, but before doing so, the regional capacity quota needs to be raised to 500 TiB.

The following scenario shows the default Regional Capacity Quota of 25TiB.

default ANF regional Capacity Quota

The following scenario shows an increased Regional Capacity Quota of 80 TiB for Subscription-1, while Subscription-2 remains default.

increased ANF regional Capacity Quota

*update 10 Aug 2021*
The quota is currently not displayed in the Azure Portal, however it is retrievable throught the API. Please refer to the following post:

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