Azure NetApp Files + Trident = Dynamic and Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

My eleven year old daughter recently asked me ‘the question’. You know the one… “Hey dadda, what’s Kubernetes?” How do you explain Kubernetes to an eleven year old?! Check out this video to learn how. Brilliant. I am not a Kubernetes expert. I am learning, probably just like you are. Creating resources, tearing down resources, building them […]

Part 1: ANF API 101 with Postman

Azure NetApp Files is a first party Azure service and is therefor fully integrated with Azure Resource Manager, the Azure Portal, CLI, PowerShell and REST APIs. REST APIs can be a bit scary if you’ve never worked with them before. A really good ANF API resource is the official Microsoft Docs page. It lists all […]

Azure NetApp Files Snapshot Overview

Azure NetApp Files being Microsoft’s First party service, based on NetApp’s Industry leading ONTAP storage platform provides all the goodness of Microsoft Azure platform with NetApp’s storage expertise. While there are many compelling use-cases like WVD, File Shares, HPC workloads, Databases like Oracle and SAP HANA where ANF provides a lot of value with it’s […]


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