Protecting Azure NetApp Files volumes across Availability Zones

Introduction Recently, Microsoft announced an exciting new feature for Azure NetApp Files (ANF) – Availability Zone Volume Placement (AZVP). This new features now allows customers to deploy volumes into Azure Availability Zones (AZs) of their choice. Hot on the heals of AZVP comes Cross Zone Replication (CZR). Similar to Cross Region Replication (CRR), CZR is…

ANF security privilege user for SQL Server

ANF supports a handful of different privilege users for SMB volumes, which assign additional rights (privileges) to the specified domain users for particular use cases. We currently have 3 different groups when it comes to privilege users: More information can be found on the official Learn page. This article will focus on the security privilege…

Securing ANF NFS with the export policy

IntroductionThe export policy for NFS and dual-protocol volumes on ANF contains some very important security settings. Not only do the selected values matter, the order in which they are applied can also be of importance. Let’s have a closer look. Imagine the Finance department created a NFS volume without changing any of the export policy…


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