Enforce Snapshot Policies with Azure Policy

Does someone keep forgetting to assign a snapshot policy to your organization’s most important Azure NetApp Files volumes leaving your data unprotected? How can I audit for volumes that do not have a snapshot policy assigned? How can I prevent users from creating volumes without a snapshot policy? Don’t worry, Azure Policy to the rescue! […]

How to approach user profiles with ANF

When discussing ANF with User Profiles for VDI, there are several factors to consider.  This article will outline and discuss these factors to help answer questions customers may have regarding User Profile guidelines. Overview Profile management is more a fine art than a science, so size guidelines should be used as a starting point for […]

Data Sense is available for Azure NetApp Files

Azure NetApp Files is a first-party Microsoft PaaS storage solution powered by NetApp’s technology, that delivers high performance for your enterprise shared data for both Linux and Windows, which is a great fit for numerous workloads such as SAP HANA, databases, HPC, or shared file systems. ANF allows you to store your enterprise data, in […]


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