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Azure NetApp Files with Terraform – Update!

We saw in my last post here, how we can deploy ANF volumes in an existing Azure environments using existing VNETs, Resource Groups and Subnet. There seemed to be a bug in the tf provider that didn’t update the Active Directory credentials once specified in the .tf file. We had to make an additional API call to Azure NetApp Files to update the Active Directory credentials.

I just tested for deployment of ANF using Terraform once again and I can confirm that this bug is now fixed and an API call to update AD credentials is no longer needed. Sharing my sample code here:

Everything works as expected and we see a SMB volume deployed successfully and the mount path is available in the Azure portal!


  1. Thank for this demo, really helpful. Does tf support logic to add additional volumes in case i have a large volume that ANF can’t support? for eg if i have a 45TB volume, can i tell TF to build multiple volumes instead of one? Same question for tiers, can i switch tiers?

    1. Thanks for reviewing this. You can use TF to create multiple volumes same or different protocols with varying performance tier/sizes – Just make sure you’ve enough capacity available in your capacity pool(s). Since Dynamic Volume tier change is still a public preview feature, it is not supported by TF at this point. TF supports GA features only and once new GA features are released, it can take several weeks for them to be supported via tf.

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