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What is Azure NetApp Files ?

It’s an Azure native first-party PaaS service, built on NetApp’s ONTAP technology, and is sold and supported by Microsoft. Taking only minutes to set up, Azure NetApp Files enables both Linux and Windows applications to seamlessly migrate and run in the cloud with an on-premises-like experience and performance.

In the famous words of Simon Sinek, let’s start with…

Why ?

Enterprises are searching for a way to deploy file workloads in the cloud without sacrificing:

Meanwhile 65% of all enterprise workloads continue to be On-Premises (Survey Uptime Institute)
And 45% of enterprise workloads on external storage systems are File based (IDC Worldwide Storage Workloads)

And by the way, nobody wants to rearchitect everything !

How ?

Get extreme file performance

Azure NetApp Files comes with three performance tiers: Standard, Premium, and Ultra. These can be provisioned with a simple click, allowing unmatched flexibility.

Get bare-metal performance, sub-ms latency, and integrated data management for your complex enterprise workloads. SAP HANA certified, HPC, LOB applications, high-performance file shares, databases, WVD and Citrix are prime candidates for ANF.

Simplify storage management

Set up in minutes and manage seamlessly, as with any other Azure service, using the familiar Azure portal experience, CLI, PowerShell, or REST API. Support for multiple file-storage protocols in a single service, including NFSv3, NFSv4.1, and SMB3.1.x, enables a wide range of application lift-and-shift scenarios, with no need for code changes.

Migrate with confidence

To get those workloads migrated into ANF we have a couple of options:

NetApp XCP
XCP is a free client software that enables fast and reliable any-to-NetApp and NetApp-to-NetApp data migrations and XCP file analytics provides visibility into the file system.

Cloud Sync
NetApp offers a SaaS based solution. The solution enables you to replicate NFS or SMB data to Azure NetApp Files NFS exports or SMB shares.
Here’s the link:

What ?

So what problem does Azure NetApp Files solve?

Organisations can now transition enterprise NAS workloads to the cloud without having to refactor and re-architect (because this introduces risk, is costly and time consuming)

Here’s how:

  • Simplify Migration to the Cloud
  • Migrate and Run
  • No Separate Contracts Required
  • Three Performance Tiers

Solution architectures using Azure NetApp Files

For a comprehensive overview of all our solution architectures please bookmark the ever evolving solutions page :

If you are tasked with moving applications to Microsoft Azure and you need to migrate in a quick, efficient, inexpensive way, then you owe it to yourself to look at Azure NetApp Files.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for service access.

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